Wednesday, October 14, 2015

She is sixteen now!

Reborn at sixteen, Batch Compiler is now more mature. With a new logo, lots improvements and fixes,
we introduce this new feature -- Script Cloud. You can store your batch files on Script Cloud so
everyone can download and use them. Script Cloud already contains few useful batch file uploaded by the
developer. Just go though "Advance >> Script Cloud".

Download Batch Compiler 16.0

Script Cloud

Change log:
  • -New logo.
  • -New icon.
  • -New Splash Screen
  • -Graphic wizard bug fixed.
  • -Start Menu short cuts added.
  • -Gui improvements in Compiler window.
  • -Shortcuts on Desktop for Graphic Wizard.
  • -File not found bug in Compiler is now fixed.
  • -Now scripts are running on a different thread.
  • -Debugger bug on TIME and DATE commands are fixed.
  • -Added some command line switches to keywords list.
  • -%myfiles% and %result% added to intellisense list.
  • -'Script cloud' for sharing your knowledge with others.
  • -Batch files from drive root directories can now be compiled.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Convert Bat To Exe with 7 Steps? (with images)

Good day!
With this post i am going to show you how to create and compile a simple batch file with Batch Compiler. We are going to convert bat to exe which has more security and stability. You can add your meta data and resources to your program. Considering this is your first batch script, I will walk you through the steps :)

Step 01 :

First, You need to download Batch Compiler, For those who do not know about this software, Batch Compiler is an Integrated Development Environment. That means it has all the tools that you need to develop a batch program. You can download it here And home page here

Step 02 :

Okay. Now extract the downloaded zip archive and install Batch Compiler running setup.exe

Step 03 :

Now, Run Batch Compiler. You will get the main interface. As you can see it has a very simple, yet powerful workspace. Big white worksheet is used to write the code. Standard toolbar is consisted with basic operation icons. I'm not going to discuss all features in this article. Read the documentation to get a clear idea.

Step 04 :

Let's start coding. As this is your first batch program we are going to do a 'Hello World'. A simple batch file to show the text 'Hello World!' in command prompt. Here is the code--

I will walk you through line by line,

line #1 @Echo Off
Command prompt usually designed to show the processing commands and their status to user. We avoid showing them using '@Echo Off'.

line #2 Echo.
This command prints a blank line in command prompt.

line #3 Echo Hello World!
This prints the text "Hello World!" on command prompt. Any text followed be Echo command will be printed on command prompt.

line #4 Pause>Nul
This one pauses the command prompt for us, that we can read the text we printed before it closes. Additionally, ">Nul" command avoids command prompt from showing "Press any key to continue" message. We could use just "Pause" but then it will show above message  :)

line #5 Exit
It is sort of uncompleted, as i wanted to show you one of the cool features of Batch Compiler. That one is called Intellisense. It will guess commands as you type on worlspace ;)
Okay, back to work! Obviously "Exit" code exits the command prompt.

Step 05 :  

Its time to check our  code. Just click on 'Run' button in tool bar. This will launch the Debugger, which will check our code line by line and shows us if any error. This is a unique feature if Batch Compiler. After the debugger, if the code is errors free, Batch Compiler will run the program. Remember, this runs a compiled exe of the code. Not the raw batch script.

Step 06 :

Let's Compile! look at the 'compile' button in toolbar. This will launch the Compiler. Change Exe name, Choose an icon, set version info, copyright info and add resources, change visibility and privileges and Compile!

Step 07 :

Enjoy your Exe!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Debugger checks your code for syntax errors and Graphic wizard to draw graphics.

Hello guys,
Good to be back on the blogger. Hope you guys ready for the  excitement. For the first time ever in batch history, Batch Compiler introduces a debugger.
This debugger  check your code as you write it, open or run or compile it. This will save huge amount of your development time. Along with On-mouse Help, if you are a beginner, this is ideal for you.
And, Graphic Wizard is also unique to Batch Compiler. Now you can draw graphics and animations inside batch files.
Drawn graphics can be added to you code as coordination. And just compile!
Visit official web site and learn more!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Batch Compiler 2013

Hi guys,
After a long time, i got some free time to develop this new version of BC.This is up-side-down version.
Everything is changed.The GUI,compiler,core,sources,graphics,,,everything.I hope you guys like this
new look.
You can download the new beta version here

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Batch Compiler - Portable

Here we go with the portable version of Batch Compiler.No more delays with the installer,just click on it.
Thanks goes to Mr.Renzo Bonaldo who gave me the idea of publishing a portable version.We will be publishing a portable version with each major release of Batch Compiler.grab the portable version here

Friday, October 12, 2012

Batch Compiler 1.3.2 available for online updating.

With some improvements in compiler and interface version 1.3.2 is uploaded.You can simply go through "Update->Online update" and update your one to the latest.I hope you will enjoy this and do not forget to vote!

Friday, September 28, 2012

We are in a new home now!

Check our new web site.New version notifications ,news and updates will be available on here on!